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New Course Available - Interplay of Male & Female Energies

Gain a gradual insight into the dynamics of feminine spirituality with the introductory healing course, Interplay of Male & Female Energies. Discover the male and female energies in yourself and those around you. Self- reflection strengthens our emotional awareness, i.e. we gain a better understanding of our emotions, strengths and weaknesses. In this way we can improve our emotional intelligence, make better decisions and become more confident on the path of feminine spirituality. This course is meant for men and women whose passion is to reconnect with their inner feminine self.

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Just install the Jiva virtual Campus software and start learning within the virtual world as a digital avatar.

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Virtual world based learning helps in both better learning and experiencing that very specific reality.

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Jiva virtual campus software player supports multiple platforms & works on windows 10, 11 & Apple OS X.

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Remain connected with your friends while learning within the virtual world using WhatsApp.


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